Shiny, Happy People: Why Human Faces Matter On Your Website

An excellent article posted over on Web Marketing Today explains the importance of putting (literally) a human face to your Web presence — and gives some great real-world examples and critiques.

This is part 3 of 2 prior posts and I intend to read them all: The Human Face. How to Choose Effective Website Photos and Images, Pt. 3 by Sandra Niehaus.

This is one of my favorite types of articles; Niehaus offers examples and then comments (how-to and how-not-to). Wish there were more of us out there sharing like this! Here is a great snippet:

It’s become common practice that if you must have only one gender in a photo, you should chose a woman. This decision is often based on studies showing that women in particular are more likely to unconsciously assume a photo of a man means the company or service isn’t intended for them. Here are a couple more examples, just to illustrate how common the practice is …

Video Blog: ProBlogger’s 5 Tips For Getting Readers To View Old Blog Posts

Great info from Darren Rowse who offers some advice on how to get readers to view older content on your site. Of course this requires that you’ve been blogging for, well, at least a while or be fairly prolific. Of course, “old” content is great because it probably brings in a lot of your Google traffic — but Darren is right that there are many ways to leverage this stuff.

Although the headline of Darren’s piece on his blog is “5 Tips for Getting Readers Viewing Your Old Blog Posts” there’s a lot more than five ideas here.