Business blogging: Ghost bloggers are … everywhere!

Ghost blogger

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Hello everyone. You know what happens when you are super busy? You don’t blog as much (as you can probably tell). Well, I’m still super busy but wanted to pass this thought along. Just judging from my own experience, I’m willing to bet a lot of businesses that have not started blogging may not know a key secret.

Professional bloggers are everywhere. If you don’t know what to blog about for your business , hire a professional to help you come up with content topics, ideas, a schedule, and to mentor your progress. They can even write under your employees’ bylines (that’s called ghost blogging). It’s way more common than a lot of people know.

Where do you find professional blogger help? Well, I, for one, am a great example. I’m a former journalist who has been working in the business-to-business marketing world for 10+ years. That means I know all about communicating a message from the client to a key audience.

Here’s a common flaw I hear a lot in my line of work: How can you blog about my industry – you’re not an expert? And here’s where the former journalist training comes in. Journalists, despite what most people think, are not experts at what they write about every day. No, really. They may have a “beat” that they cover, but it’s usually very broadly defined. That means that every week, frequently, they have to patch together a story on a topic they’re not that familiar with, and find sources that corroborate the main facts.

That process is like “instant learning” and it’s a skill journalists would be useless without. A good professional blogger has the same skills; they can immerse themselves in a client’s market, topics, talk to relevant contacts, and craft a narrative that matches with the company’s marketing goals.

So, consider hiring professional blogging talent if you’re company wants to start a blog, or needs help getting more frequency out of existing bloggers. You’ll be surprised how helpful they can be.