Copyblogger’s Best Post Of The Week: The Myth of Beautiful Web Design

Hey here’s a tip that works: if you’ve got an email campaign tied to your blog, make your weekend email a “Best Of” email.

How do I know it works? Because that’s how I end up looking at Copyblogger’s batch of weekly posts. I subscribe to Copblogger’s update and when I’m busy during the week, I know to look on the weekend for the weekly “Johnny’s Copbyblogger Wrap-up”.

So by far my favorite post of the week was this post by Pamela Wilson: The Myth of Beautiful Web Design. It’s a great post – go read it now. Just to whet your appetite, Wilson makes the point that’s central to all online marketing: Your won’t do jack unless you have a marketing plan with clear goals.

My own aphorism that I tell people constantly (and immediately gets ignored) is “Websites do exactly what they are designed to do.” Meaning if you start with a goal and plan of capturing leads, and you build and design to that goal, that’s what the site will do (if done well). If, however, you build a site to shout your brand presence to the world (Awareness goal) … don’t be surprised when the leads to magically appear.

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